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What We Do

Free Consultation     Builder Friendly Plans     Reprographics and Large Format Prints, available on- site


Each home we design is unique to its owner, so our design process begins with an initial meeting to discuss the needs, goals, and dreams you have for your future home.


Bring any information that you have to paint the picture of what you have in mind, from Pinterest boards to napkin sketches, we encourage it all! With that information, our goal is to put your dreams

and ideas onto paper.


After our First Meeting, we will use that information to prepare preliminary drawings. Our main priority is client satisfaction. We are happy to make every change you feel is necessary.


Once we have created the footprint of your design, we start on the exterior elevations of the home. From these drawings, you will see the house come together and

how it will look.


Once we have both interior and exterior designs finalized, we complete the drawings with necessary dimensions and notations for your contractor. Once complete, we provide you (4) four sets of drawings, to scale, and an additional PDF version.

Your Finished Set of Plans includes:

-Foundation and/or Basement Plan

-Floor Plans

-Door and Window Schedule

-All Exterior Elevations

-Roof Plan


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